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Poker Strategy

7 Quick Poker Strategy Tips that Will Help Your Game

Poker is a game of patience and strategies, which people often mistake for luck. It is important that every player first learns the rules of the game and understand the basic strategies to stay consistent in poker. People take years to master the game and still have a lot to learn from the best in the game. Here are ten basic poker tips that will help you get better at the game.

Play lesser hands aggressively

When you have just entered the table, you can aggressively play your first few hands and move on. You can do this multiple times while playing for a short duration on multiple tables. It will allow you to be unpredictable at every new table and will win you some easy money.

Poker Strategy

Do not be the first to limp

Do not become the first player to limp out of the round. Fold a blind only when a player before you has folded, so the limp title goes to them. If you are too scared to play when it is your initiative, people will start to pressure you into folding every time.

Semi-bluff aggressively

When you are hopeful for a hand, but the opponent is sticking around, you should know how to semi-bluff to secure confidence on the table. The best players in poker often semi-bluff preflop to eliminate any players who do not feel confident about their cards.

Poker Strategy


Play your hands carefully but be quick with the hands that you are confident about. It will eliminate the risk of dragging the game unnecessarily. Never call with a winning hand, and always raise the pot so you can win maximum from it. If you have good hands, you do not have to be dramatic like in movies and hold the game for everyone.

Defend your big blind

When you have the right hands for your big blind, always defend it till you see all five cards. Since you are the one leading, you have to take the risk and stand confident at the table. Play your hand to the fullest unless you have a poor hand that you need to fold immediately.

Poker Strategy

Fold when unsure

Whenever you are unsure about a hand, you should always fold. This will keep you from relying on a weak hand and also prevent the tilt if you lose. Never play a hand that does not feel like a winning hand to you. Keep your information closed among players so you can strike with a good hand anytime.

Play when you are enjoying it

Play the game only as long as you are enjoying it. Once you start losing the game, you may feel a little stressed and want to take a break. Do not play the game if it is stressing you or when you are chasing the money. As long as you are having fun, you can be creative and plan your strategies accordingly.

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